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Renewable Energy Advisory


As a company that has been active in the renewable energy sector using solar energy for years, we will advise you on the best way to design photovoltaic installations, what to pay special attention to and which products are best to use. We will also recommend proven companies that can do it for you.


  • Project development
  • Market research
  • Energy consulting

Business Development


We can help you grow your brand by finding the right distributors who are fully aware of their products. With us, your company can enter the global market selling the best products available. In addition, we will ensure that you find the right service to guarantee your customers purchase security.


  • Introduction company to new market
  • Finding right suppliers
  • Connecting businesses
  • Finding right people

Product introduction

We will introduce your company to new markets dealing with renewable energy products, we will check and verify the requirements for local installations, and we will do the appropriate marketing to make your company visible on social media.


  • Entering to new markets with energy products
  • Local requirements check
  • Marketing

Technical advisory and services

Nothing is more important than safety in your own home. Photovoltaic installations must also fit this criterion. Proper technical knowledge and servicing of the installation will allow you to enjoy it for years. Let us help you and trust our experts. We will find you the right people to take care of your comfort and safety. Above that, we will provide you with solutions tailored to your needs.


  • Finding right solutions to your needs
  • Technical support and service management
  • Finding right people and service partners


Connecting energy from East and West for renewable future

RINERGY is company specialised in renewable energy sector. We connects experience and energy from East and West to support our clients in project development, management and advertising. Our experienced professionals from around the world, support business clients mainly from Asia and Europe in entering new markets, provide technical support on local markets, find right people and distributors for their products and solutions. RINERGY - Connecting energy

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